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We have gained expertise in 14 key products on Zoho platform to solve your business or complex business need. We have offered SMART innovative solutions to our clients very complex business problems, automations of routine manual efforts, migrated teams working in excels to much automated applications thereby offering them direct savings on cost, efforts, time with increased collaboration, SMART BI dashboards/reports for pro-active decisions, defined approval processes, SMART Log & Activity History among many other first in industry innovative solutions on Zoho Platform . TruAct has both an intensive and extensive experience in creating ERP on Zoho Platform, Managing Sales & Marketing journey of our customers, Custom applications that have largely automated business processes that were traditionally managed manually, API Integrations among various 3rd party services, as well as integrating applications with legacy systems.

zoho creator

Partner Mapping Code:  TRUACT     

PROFESSIONAL  EDITION  1000/User/Per Month*                                          ULTIMATE EDITION  16,000/Per Month* (Includes 10 users)

*Plus Tax, as applicable

*Billed Annually 

*Prices are subject to change

A handful of tools to guide your digital transformation.

When you run a business, you run a lot of things simultaneously. With stakeholders, status updates, and ongoing tasks taking up mental space, it's only too easy to lose sight of your priorities. Take control—unify your data, processes, and people.

From collecting data to converting information into insights, Zoho Creator does it all. Automating your processes, giving your colleagues the access they need, visualizing information through reports, and doing it all from anywhere. Name an application and Zoho Creator has it: ready to use or ready to build.

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Zoho One gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organization. Simply turn on an app to improve a process. Then connect multiple apps so different teams can work together to delight customers, manage finances, and work productively.

CRM | Analytics | SalesIQ | Social | Sites| Desk |Forms |
Showtime | Meeting | Writer| Sprints | Assist | Campaigns | Cliq 
Page Sense | Back stage | Survey | Mail | Connect | Sheet| 
Motivator Contact Manager Sales Inbox | Backstage |   
zoho one

Partner Mapping Code: TRUACT

ALL EMPLOYEE PRICING  1,800/User/Per Month *

FLEXIBLE USER PRICING  3,500/User/Per Month*

You Must Purchase a License for All Employees

No Employee count limits

*Plus Tax, as applicable

*Billed Annually

*Prices are subject to change

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zoho crm
Partner Mapping Code: TRUACT
STANDARD EDITION 800  /User /Per Month*
PROFESSIONAL EDITION 1,400/User/Per Month*                                                        ENTERPRISE EDITION 2,400/User/Per Month*
ULTIMATE EDITION 2,600/User/Per Month*

* Plus Tax, as applicable

* Billed Annually

* Prices are subject to change

CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster.

Reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel. Zoho CRM software helps businesses of all sizes close more deals the smarter way.

The Zoho CRM interface is one which needs little to no explanation. Everything about the software is made as simple and straightforward as possible–from the terminology to the setup.

Fully featured. Full of context

Multichannel Zia Analytics Customization | Process | Automation | Pipeline  | Collaboration  | Security  | Developer|

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The Unified Customer Experience Platform.

One suite for all your customer-facing teams.

Zoho CRM Plus includes all the enterprise apps your sales, marketing, and support teams need, along with mobile apps and extensions.

Included applications are enterprise editions of:

Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Social | Zoho Sales IQ | Zoho Motivator
Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Social | Zoho Sales IQ | Zoho Motivator
Zoho Desk | Zoho CRM | Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Reports | 
Zoho Projects | Zoho Survey 
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zoho crm plus
Partner Mapping Code: TRUACT
​ANNUALLY BILLING ₹2,900/User/Per Month*
MONTHLY BILLING 3,500/User/Per Month*
zoho analytics

Partner Mapping Code: TRUACT

BASIC EDITION 960/ User/ Per Month *

STANTDARD EDITION 1,900/User/ Per Month *

PREMIUM EDITION 4,200 /User/Per Month *

ENTERPRISE EDITION  15,850 /User/Per Month *

*Plus Tax, as applicable

*Billed Annually

*Prices are subject to 

Connect to Any Data Source

Business data now lies scattered in flat files, web feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications. Wherever your data is, you can now use Zoho Analytics for in depth reporting and analysis. Data sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically.

1. Files, feeds & cloud drives

2. Databases

3. Popular business applications

4. Data blending 

Visual Analysis

Visually analyze your data and build insightful reports and dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface. No IT help required!

Deep Analytics

Carry out in-depth analytics, derive key metrics, and uncover hidden insights using the powerful analytical capabilities.

Sharing and Collaboration

Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share with each other, for informed business decision making.

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